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At Impact Taekwondo we are committed to providing the highest quality instruction. We strive to develop the full potential in all of our students, enabling them to build confidence & work hard towards their goals. Our Instructors emphasize on fitness, education, and self-discipline in a fun, safe, and family-oriented atmosphere. Our mission is to be an inclusive martial arts school that improves lives one black belt at a time. We understand that there are important life lessons to learn in between kicking and punching. As an inclusive martial arts school, our most important role is to help each student find the best versions of themselves while learning skills to be successful in their future. This is the black belt way. 
Sincerely, Masters Alan & Vanessa Ramos


Master Alan Ramos


Master Vanessa Ramos

"​A Black Belt is not just something you wear, it is something you become"

Ready to join the family?

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